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Where did the idea for the escarf come from?

Personal Innovation in Action

The eScarf story begins during the middle of a July heat wave in Taipei, a city known for its hot, humid temperatures that have been on the rise in recent years with global warming. On one particularly hot day, a simple question was posed … “is there a better way to cool down than using my air conditioner and save energy in the process?”

Innovation Team Challenge

To answer that simple, but yet very complex, question challenged the conventional axiom that cooling technology, like air conditioning for instance, primarily must rely on passive cooling (i.e. cold air flowing over your body) in order to reduce body temperature. Traditional direct thermal intervention options were limited to bands soaked in cold water and placed around the neck and ice packs that aren’t very practical, not to mention pose an environmental issue if not disposed of properly.

The Creative Idea Behind the Solution

That fateful, blistering hot day in Taiwan led to the eventual test of a profoundly unique theory of applying, what is commonly referred to as, the “Thermoelectric Effect” to achieve the goal of regulating personal body temperature directly and efficiently.  Sustainable consumer level techology choices like the iThermic eScarf technology can be part of the solution to help meet the world’s ever increasing demand for clean energy in the face of increasing global climate challenges.

iThermic’s Innovation Scorecard

Unfortunately, the cold hard facts about current heating and cooling technologies is that the power ultimately consumed is derived from fossil fuel energy sources.  The iThermic eScarf was designed to be a personal and energy efficient alternative heating & cooling technology for consumers looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

From an environmental sustainability perspective, the eScarf was able to achieve a 99.5% reduction in power reduction compared to the original goal of achieving individual thermal comfort and not requiring the use of air conditioning to cool down!

North America Welcomes the eScarf

Trying is believing and the first North American user experience feedback and suggestions have uncovered some new market applications for iThermic Intelligent Thermal Wear for at home, at work and in everyday life thermal challenges. Stay tuned for exciting new products already under development as we continue our journey to revolutionize anyone can manage their cooling & heating temperature comfort anytime and anywhere!!