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How it Works

The iThermic eScarf is an innovative new product that uses passive heating and cooling to provide personal climate control that you can bring with you, wherever life takes you! Its patented technology gently heats or cools the body by closely contacting the largest arteries and veins in the neck, thereby increasing our body’s natural ability to regulate heating or cooling.


True Innovation

The iThermic eScarf is powered by the innovative use of a Peltier Controller to achieve the “thermoelectric effect” and give the eScarf its unique heating and cooling properties. Peltier elements have predominantly been used in aerospace engineering and military applications but have gradually been used in more and more industrial and consumer products.

Save Money & the Environment

In a room the size of 33 square meters, the average AC unit uses 2352 kWh per year while the iThermic eScarf uses on average only 12 kWh per year!